Serial production of the latest generation of Actros has started. Trucks without mirrors will soon be on the road.

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The first Actros truck of the latest generation was produced this week at the factory in Wörth am Rhein. The truck without mirrors will soon be available to customers.

The first Actros that drove off the Wörth belt was a sapphire tractor with the number 1851LS. The vehicle is equipped with MirrorCam system, so it does not have mirrors. They are replaced by cameras installed in the vehicle above the doors and displays on the side posts inside the cab.

“We developed solutions for the new Mercedes-Benz Actros with the aim of making it the safest, most efficient and most ‘intelligent’ vehicle in history,” said Stefan Buchner, Head of Mercedes-Benz Trucks.

One of the biggest innovations of the fifth generation Actros is the Active Drive Assist, which allows semi-automatic driving in all speed ranges. The Active Drive Assist can independently control, brake and accelerate the vehicle under certain conditions, while the responsibility for monitoring the movement still rests with the driver. The system, however, significantly reduces the workload.

See what else is new in the cab of the new Actros:

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