Slovakia lifts upcoming truck bans; German regions relax truck bans until June 2021

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Slovakia lifts upcoming truck bans; German regions relax truck bans until June 2021

Truck bans have been relaxed in many European countries since the second wave of coronavirus. More recently, some German regions have expanded the relaxation until June 2021. In addition, Slovakia has announced that all lorries can travel during the public holidays in the next few weeks.

Germany: relaxation on truck bans in some of the states until June 2021

Since last week, the ban on truck traffic in three German federal states has been subject to a special relaxation, which is to apply until 30 June next year.

This concerns Hessen (from 8 December), Schleswig-Holstein and Rhineland-Palatinate (both from 11 December). On 14 December, Saxony-Anhalt decided to take a similar step; the relaxation of the bans will continue until the end of June.

According to BAG, the following transports are excluded from weekend and holiday traffic restrictions:

– transport of coronavirus vaccines,

– transport of cooling systems for the (temporary) storage of coronavirus vaccines,

– vaccination equipment or necessary medical instruments,

– the transport of other goods that are used directly to ensure the operation of COVID-19 vaccination centres,

– empty mileages associated with these transports.

At the same time, please note that in Bavaria, between 3 December and 3 January, there is a relaxation of the traffic bans on trucks carrying courier mail (addressed mail up to 20 kg).

Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and North Rhine-Westphalia, on the other hand, have completely lifted the restrictions on heavy goods vehicle traffic by 18 January 2021.

Slovakia: no truck bans on the upcoming public holidays

Slovakia has granted a general exemption from the driving bans on the upcoming public holidays :

– 24 December 2020,
– 25 December 2020,
– 26 December 2020,
– 1 January 2021,
– 6 January 2021.

The exemption applies to all lorries on motorways, roads for motor vehicles, Class I roads and roads for international traffic.

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