Spain: 4 towns under quarantine due to coronavirus

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Spain: 4 towns under quarantine due to coronavirus

On Thursday evening, the Catalan government decided to quarantine four towns in Spain’s northeastern autonomous region of Catalonia. In these towns, the coronavirus spread faster than in the rest of the region.

At midnight, the Catalan government, the Generalitat, introduced the red zone in four towns approximately 60 km northwest of Barcelona:

  • Igualada 
  • Vilanova del Camí, 
  • Santa Margarida de Montbui,
  • Enadena.

Residents are forbidden to leave the area for at least 14 days, reports the Spanish daily El Pa ís. Approx 70,000 people live in the red zone. The regional authorities ordered a state of emergency in the red zone. People who do not live in the mentioned towns had three hours to leave the area once the quarantine was announced.

The reason for the decision to close the towns is the high number of those infected with coronavirus (58 out of 319 cases in Catalonia).

There is no information on freight transport yet. As we read in the Spanish daily, the Catalan police are to support deliveries to local stores, hospitals and pharmacies.

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