Special Euroterminal for Amazon drivers and new unaccompanied freight trains by GetLink

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Since 8th September, Amazon drivers have been able to use a new transit platform created especially for the company by Euroterminal in the Belgian town of Mouscron, roughly 125 km from Calais. The project is the result of cooperation between Euroteminal and the Spanish logistics operator Cacesa, and is intended to facilitate the transport of the latter for Amazon. Meanwhile, GetLink has also launched a new unaccompanied freight train service through the Channel Tunnel.

Special Euroterminal for Amazon drivers and new unaccompanied freight trains by GetLink
Bartosz Wawryszuk

Every day, dozens of lorries carrying Amazon parcels between the European Union and the UK are now able to complete customs and transit formalities at Mouscron, Belgium, saving valuable time in Calais.

The transit area in Mouscron offers the possibility of forty lorries being simultaneously in a safe place (24 hours a day, 365 days a year), with their own offices where drivers can complete all their administrative tasks related to transport. Drivers also have access to sanitary facilities (toilets and showers) – for women and men.

“About 100 lorries pass this transit zone every day,” said Zyad Mehalaine, CEO of Euroterminal at the opening in Mouscron last week.

The transit time should be around one hour, except when customs wish to carry out a closer inspection. In any case, this is a clear time saver compared to Calais, where drivers spend two to three hours completing the same paperwork, said Zyad Mehalain.

The zone will operate for the Cacesa operator until the end of 2022. Depending on the course of cooperation, it may later be transformed into a lorry parking space with a service centre.

Getlink launches a new unaccompanied rail freight cross-channel service

From September 18th, 2021, a new cross-Channel freight service will be open to all transporters, using an unaccompanied mode through the Channel Tunnel.

The crossing will be managed by Eurotunnel Le Shuttle Freight and will operate 24 hours a day and six days per week.

Departures will be from the Group’s two terminals in Calais or Folkestone. The capacity will be 8,300 trailers per year.

The Eurotunnel Border Pass will allow transporters to speed up the border crossing by digitising their administrative exchanges with the border authorities.

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