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Congestion on the Italian A22 near the Austrian border was 80 km long yesterday evening and it has already been 60 km long today. This is the consequence of the thorough health checks Austria introduced yesterday.

Yesterday at around 20:00, the end of the queue of trucks aiming to cross the Italian-Austrian border reached the city of Bolzano, the Austrian news agency APA reported.

Today the congestion is already 60 km long (from the Italian town of Bressanone – it is called Brixen in German) and, according to the traffic information of Verkehr AB traffic, drivers have to expect a 6-hour-longer journey than normal. 

The above-mentioned congestion is the consequence of the inspections introduced by Austria yesterday aimed at restricting the spread of coronavirus. Every truck driver was subject to control on the Italian border. According to AB Verkehr, controls have been relaxed, but it will take a while before the situation on the border stabilizes.

Photo: Youtube


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