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Truck drivers are allowed to transport goods to and from Italy despite the quarantine

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The quarantine of entire Italy does not apply to road transportation of goods – reports the Italian transport portal However, drivers travelling to and from Italy must have some special documents with them.

According to the guidelines of the Italian Ministry of the Interior, drivers carrying out transportation in zones subject to exceptional measures, and now, de facto the whole country should have a statement with them, which includes the origin and the destination of their travels, the route between the two points, and the employer’s declaration of the trucker’s job.

It is possible to complete your own statement or use a ready-made form, such as the one published by the Italian daily Il Messaggero (the document is in Italian)

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The Ministry emphasizes that inspections regarding compliance with the guidelines are carried out at airports, stations, toll stations, highways, main and local roads, and persons violating the rules of quarantine are subject to a prison sentence of up to 3 months and a fine of 206 euros.

But you need a health certificate to enter Austria

Austria is banning entry to anyone arriving from Italy without a health certificate, Chancellor Sebastian Kurz said on Tuesday morning.

In order to prevent the further spread of coronavirus, the Austrian government has already issued a regulation for health checks upon entry from Italy. From Tuesday morning, two mobile health check teams will carry out selective health checks in the Brenner border area (motorway, state road and train traffic) and at the Sillian and Reschenpass borders.

During the health checks, temperature measurements will be carried out at random. Also, the medical team will ask standard questions, such as whether the trip was started from a risk area and whether the people being checked have flu-like symptoms.

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Photo: Bartosz Wawryszuk