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The limit for the total amount of fine for tachograph infringements in the Netherlands will be more than twice the current limit. In this way, the government wants to combat fraud in the transport industry.

The Netherlands has a maximum limit for fines for tachograph infringements. Even if the driver has committed fraud every day throughout the period subject to control, he can be fined a maximum of €4,400.

Increasing the threshold of the maximum amount of the fine to over €10,000 is planned by the local infrastructure ministry later this year. The government’s decision is praised by the transport organisation Transport en Logistiek Nederland (TLN), although the organisation sees it as only part of the solution to the problem of tachograph manipulation.

TLN is pleased that the ministry is taking additional measures to combat tachograph fraud because it is harmful to road safety and distorts fair competition. Tightening sanctions is a good idea, but it is only one of the elements necessary to prevent manipulation,” says TLN.

In the opinion of the organisation, the efficiency of inspections should also be improved. “Will this be the case?,” ask members of TLN. 

Infrastructure Minister Cora van Nieuwenhuizen also announced that she would improve the training of inspectors in identifying fraud and taking action to thwart the business operation of dishonest operators. According to the initial proposals, this would involve publishing a blacklist of carriers or stopping trucks with cargo for a longer period of time. The ministry is currently checking whether such measures are legal. In the opinion of the TLN, their use can be justified in certain cases and would definitely act as a deterrent.

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