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If the UK left the EU without a withdrawal agreement, road haulage transport would be seriously affected. Therefore the  European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) recommends the European Commission’s temporary measures on road freight transport services between the UK and the EU in case of a no‑deal Brexit. EESC points out that a transitional period with reciprocity of haulage rights should be put in place.

The European Commission has put forward a proposal establishing interim measures to maintain basic connectivity for a strictly limited period to avoid distortions on the transport sectors of the EU and Britain. The proposed regulation gives the UK road hauliers the right to move freely within the European Union by 31 December 2019, provided that EU carriers are also free to move around the UK.

We very much hope that, by the date of the UK’s withdrawal, the British authorities will have decided on a set of equivalent temporary measures, granting EU carriers operating in the UK the same rights as those proposed, on a temporary basis, by the Commission for carriers holding a UK licence, authorising them to provide freight transport between UK territory and the remaining 27 Member States,” pointed out Mr Hencks (EESC).

If the British leave the Community without an agreement, road transport would face serious difficulties. The European Economic and Social Committee notes that road transport of goods is a key sector for both the UK and the EU. According to the British Association of Road Carriers, over 4.4 million trucks operate between the EU and Britain annually.

The European Economic and Social Committee is an EU advisory body representing employee and employer organisations and other interest groups. The EESC issues opinions on EU matters addressed to the European Commission, the EU Council and the European Parliament.

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