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An Iranian driver, to whom the Poles presented a new truck after the old one broke down in Poland, came home. He drove the last 170 km with his son. “We’re proud that Scania made it to Iran with Fardin,” say the organisers of the fundraiser.

Folks, the first chapter of this story is about to end. In about an hour, Fardin will arrive home,” the Poles helping Fardin Kazemireported recently on Facebook.

And indeed, the driver finally arrived home with the 2013 Scania R500, which was bought with the help of more than 6,000 internet users, mainly other drivers, carriers and garage owners.

“Regular customs officer” has a problem

But there were some complications on the route.

Fardin got to the border in line. They turned him back and we are waiting for information regarding the problems the Turks again have with papers (…) From the preliminary findings, some “regular customs officer” has a problem with Polish registration plates. Meanwhile, a special permit from the ministry in Ankara has been issued for these Polish plates as a matter of urgency and the gentlemen, despite having the records in the system, told him to wait until the morning when their superior comes…,” reported the organisers of the fundraiser for the Iranian on February 6. (original record)

Ultimately, however, thanks to the intervention of the Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in Istanbul, the problem was solved.

Another event

This marks the end of the story that began in early December 2019. It was then, on national road No. 1, between Siedlec Duży and Koziegłowy, that the 30-year-old International 9670 belonging to Fardin broke down.

Today the organisers are announcing another event. They want to collect video material relating to Fardin’s story, as they are planning on making a documentary.



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