The sale of tickets for the hyperLOG conference has started. You can buy them for 40% cheaper until the end of August!

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The sale of tickets for the hyperLOG conference has started. You can buy them for  40% cheaper until the end of August!

HyperLOG 2019 Transport and Logistics Future Forum will be held on October 24 and 25 in Łódź. Now tickets are 40% cheaper than the regular price, but you can only buy them for this price until the end of August!

We have two packages to choose from: BASIC: 499 euros net (regular price 849 euros net) and HYPER: 800 euros net (regular price 1049 euros net).  Closer to the start of the conference, the prices will increase, so you should buy them now. What is more, the number of places is limited.

The most important topics of the conference will concern, amongst others, are the modern IT technologies in logistics (one of the presentations focuses, e.g. on the issue of blockchain), digital forwarding entering the European market and artificial intelligence: whether (or rather when) robots will fully take over the organization of transport.

Global hyperLOG

The event is international. The conference organizers made sure that industry practitioners representing the largest companies in the transport sector appeared on the Łódź stage. 

Nabil Malouli, DHL’s vice president responsible for the development of innovative logistics projects, supporting global Fortune 500 companies will come to Poland. In the industry, he is considered an expert in start-ups and a great innovator changing the face of the TSL industry. On the second day of the conference, he will present the topic “The future of last-mile logistics – people versus robots”.

Buy a conference ticket at a promotional price

During hyperLOG you will also be able to listen to Arkadiusz Glinka, head of the Polish branch of CH Robinson , Jan Maarten de Vries from Wabco, Martin Mellor from Ericsson, Marc Papenhoff from InstaFreight, Asparuha Koev – CEO Transmetrics and Maciej Jędrzejczyk from IBM.

Discounts for conference guests

Any participant who buys a ticket will be able to book accommodation at the Vienna House Andel’s hotel with a special conference discount until 20 September . On the HYPERLOG password, the price per night will be 90 euros for a single room (at a regular price of 134 euros) and for two: 100 euros for a double (134 euros at a regular price). The stay includes breakfast. 

More information about the conference can be found:

– on the website ,

– on social networking sites Facebook and LinkedIN,

– under hashtags #hyperLOG # hyperLOG2019 #futureForum.

Deadline: October 24-25, 2019.

Place: Hotel Vienna House Andel’s, Lodz

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