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The Lithuanian carrier has not learnt from his mistake. A few days following the inspection of the Public Transport Inspectorate (ITD) in Podlaskie Province and a severe penalty, he committed another offence. He is facing a fine of almost 11.500 euros (50.000 PLN) in total.

Last week the ITD inspectors pulled over a group of vehicles transporting garden swimming pools from Lithuania to Austria for a routine inspection in Białystok. The transport performed by the Lithuanian company was carried out without guidance and appropriate permission. The document presented by the driver did not include road No. 65 on which the vehicle was stopped for inspection – informs GITD. Administrative proceedings were initiated against the Lithuanian carrier for infringement of the provisions of the Polish Act on Road Transport and the Act on Road Traffic. The entrepreneur is facing 5300 euros (PLN 23,000) of fine, and the person responsible for transport management in the company –  115 euros (500 PLN). The vehicle has been detained until the deposit has been paid and the relevant permit obtained.

Fiddles don’t pay off

As it turned out during the inspection, the Lithuanian businessman was caught for the second time in just a few days. He didn’t draw conclusions from a penalty he had received at the end of September for the same offence. The same truck inspected at the time by the ITD patrol from Suwałki was clearly too wide (3.62m) and moved without proper permission and without a pilot. The inspection, similarly as at the beginning of October, ended with directing the vehicle to a guarded car park until a deposit of 5400 euros (23,500 zlotys) for the expected penalty has been paid by the carrier.

Photo: GITD


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