Another lorry driver reported for hard shoulder toilet break

A few weeks ago, Devon and Cornwall Roads Policing Team revealed it had reported a lorry driver for going to the toilet by the side of a motorway near Exeter services. Now a repeat incident has seen another trucker reported by Mersey Police's Roads Transport Unit, sparking yet more debate on whether drivers should be punished for emergency toilet stops on the hard shoulder.

Another lorry driver reported for hard shoulder toilet break
Photo: Roads Policing Unit / @MerPolTraffic

In the first of these incidents, Devon and Cornwall Roads Policing Team told its followers that “the motorway is not your personal toilet” and said that the driver had stopped on a clearway despite Exeter services being “within sight”.

According to officers, the driver was reported for stopping on a clearway and “sent on his way”.

Then, just days ago, an almost identical case was tweeted about by Mersey’s Road Police Unit.

The admin of the police unit’s Twitter Account wrote:

“This HGV driver observed by patrols to stop and urinate on hard shoulder of M57 despite the nearby service stations! A costly decision and a traffic offence report was issued. Hard shoulders are to be used in an emergency only!!”

Much like the previous case, the police’s tweet sparked plenty of debate online about who was in the right.

After claiming no services nearby, the police unit’s Twitter admin then admitted that there is no services on the M57. However, at the same time Mersey Police added: “Burtonwood is 10 mins away and Tarbock Island & Brookbridge Island both have public toilets and parking for HGVs.”

Photo: Roads Policing Unit @MerPolTraffic
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