Truck fleets in the European Union are growing

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Truck fleets in the European Union are growing

Germany, France and Great Britain – these three countries are at the forefront of registrations of new delivery vans, trucks over 3.5 and over 16 t – according to data provided by the Polish Automotive Industry Association and the European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA).

Truck registrations

More than 100,700 new trucks were registered in the first quarter of this year in the European Union. This means an increase of 5.7% year on year.

Germany (over 25,500 registrations), France (14,300) and Great Britain (13,800) contributed the most to this result. At the same time, the largest increases of several percent were recorded only by Germany and Great Britain. The biggest decreases in the registration of new trucks were in Hungary (-25.9%), Slovenia (-17.3%) and Slovakia (-14.9%).

For comparison – in Poland in the first quarter of this year almost 7,500 units were registered, i.e. 4.2% more than in the previous year. This result puts Poland in fourth place in the European Union.

Heavy truck registrations

Nearly 83,000 new heavy trucks over 16 tonnes were registered in the Community in the first quarter. It’s 5.5% more than in the previous year. Again, the largest contributions were made by Germany (18,300), France (12,700) and Great Britain (10,100).

The highest percentage increases were recorded in Croatia (over 27%), Greece (25%) and the already mentioned Great Britain (almost 17%). The biggest decreases were observed in Hungary (-25.5%), Slovenia (-20.6%) and Latvia (-13%).

Delivery van registrations

Growth was also observed in this segment. In the first quarter, 5% more vehicles up to 3.5 t were registered than in the previous year. In total, more than 544,000 vehicles have entered European roads.

The leaders are the same as in the previous categories – France (over 121,000), Great Britain (almost 103,000) and Germany (72,300). Spain is also doing well (almost 55,000).

The highest increases were recorded in Lithuania (66%), Slovenia (38.3%) and Luxembourg (27.3%). When it comes to decreases – Sweden (-22.5%), Cyprus (-12.2%) and Ireland (-10.1%).

Photo: Anilsyal/ Wikimedia Commons

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