Trucker forced by employer to go to ATM and return bonus payment, claims union

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The Lithuanian Carrier's Trade Union has claimed that a lorry driver was subjected to “psychological violence" by his employers in Vilnius, who allegedly accompanied him to an ATM and forced him to withdraw and return a bonus payment.

Trucker forced by employer to go to ATM and return bonus payment, claims union
Photo: / Creative Commons Zero - CC0

The shocking allegation was made in an entry the Lithuanian trade union published on its Facebook Page on Tuesday.

The section of the post concerning the claim reads as follows:

“Recently, the owner of a Vilnius company went to a bank with his employee and, using psychological violence, demanded he cash out and return the money he had been transferred as a bonus. An employee at the bank tried to send various emergency signals to the security staff, but they did not pay attention. The robbed employee later returned to the bank to ask for a video recording, but he was told that he had to go to the headquarters of the security company. The bank itself did not inform anyone about the crime.”

In the same update, the union accused a Pasvalys-based haulier of taking an employee’s personal bank card and using the person’s account to funnel tens of thousands of euros.

In both cases, the union says “pre-trial investigations” are currently underway.

The Lithuanian Carrier’s Trade Union implied that banks need to do more to prevent examples such as these from happening. It also argues that drivers from 3rd countries are being exploited by road transport firms seeking to use them in order to launder money.

“Workers from Lithuania are able to defend themselves and more or less know their rights, but workers from third countries unwillingly become puppets so that their employers can get through,” claims the trade union.

Photo: / Creative Commons Zero – CC0

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