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A German lorry driver travelling on A5 near Mörfelden has been praised for rescuing a confused and wounded swan.

The trucker spotted the swan on Thursday evening after the police had issued a radio alert to warn motorists that the injured bird may stray onto the motorway.

By the time officers from the South Hesse police station had arrived at the nearby Bornbruch car park, the 59-year-old trucker from the Main-Kinzig district had already picked up the swan and was holding it safely in his hands.

According to, the dangerous autobahn adventure left its mark on the swan. The bird suffered injuries to its head and wing after a presumed collision with a car.

“Fortunately nothing broke,” said the police.

Now the bird is the safe hands of a staff at sanctuary in Darmstadt, where it will be taken care of and allowed outside once it has recovered.

This is also thanks to the trucker; he agreed to go with the bird to the sanctuary as officers noticed how calm the swan was in his hands.

Lisa Stallzus, who works at the sanctuary, called the truck driver “terrific” yesterday and said that it takes courage to pick up such a large bird. Stallzus added that there are signs the bird is recovering following some medication and rest.

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