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Uber Freight enters Europe. We know the country where it will start operating.

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Uber Technologies Inc. develops its business by offering logistics support to independent transport companies. As announced by Uber Freight, the company will soon start operating in one of the European countries.

Next month, Uber Freight wants to start European expansion beginning in the Netherlands. Later on, the company wants to expand to other parts of Europe, informs the American portal For the time being, the details of the company’s presence in the Old Continent are not known.

The strategy for entering the European market will be the same as in the United States. Uber Freight will initially work directly with carriers, dispatchers and drivers to coordinate transports. Then, once the company has set up a network and system, it will make the service available on a wider scale with the help of an application.

According to Lior Ron, head of Uber Freight, the serious shortage of drivers in Europe means that the share of empty mileage in truck routes is as high as 21%. In his opinion, Uber Freight will help to increase efficiency and transparency in the freight transport market.

Bill Driegert, Chief Operating Officer of Uber Freight, expects the company’s growth in the European Union to face different challenges than its expansion in the United States.

Europe (European Union – editorial note), consisting of 28 separate countries with greater local autonomy, will require us to pay more attention to the regulations that apply in them,” said Driegert.

How does Uber Freight work?

Uber Freight is a service that connects transport companies with shippers who have loads to carry. It was launched on the American market in 2017. The company claims that in the last quarter of 2018 it had 30,000 active users and the Uber Freight application was downloaded more than 328,000 times.

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