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British police issued 80 traffic offence reports to HGV and car drivers during targeted patrols last week on the A1 in Lincolnshire. They even caught a driver watching television while driving on the motorway.

By using a lorry and driving on the A1 motorway, police officers can look into the cabs and cars on the road and identify any offences being committed.

When a driver is seen committing an offence, officers are hen deployed to stop the vehicle and deal with the driver.

The traffic reports were given to 53 drivers for not wearing a seatbelt, 18 for using a mobile phone, 2 for having no insurance, 2 for driver hour offences, 1 for not having a current MOT, 1 for a speeding offence, 1 for careless driving and unbelievably – 1 for using a vehicle on a road while watching television.

Another driver had his car seized as he was a disqualified driver, he was also reported for driving without a valid licence.   

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