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UK’s border controls cause disruption for Dutch fresh produce importers, warns TLN

Dutch flower and fresh produce exporters are facing significant disruptions in importing goods into the UK due to new, stricter border controls implemented on April 30, according to the Dutch transport and logistics association TLN. 

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TLN reports these controls, part of the UK’s Border Target Operating Model (BTOM), are causing economic damage, long waiting times for drivers, and increased administrative burdens.

“The problems mainly arise around the time-consuming inspection process and the inadequate provision of information about this, the time-consuming loading and unloading at the BCPs (Border Control Posts), the cumbersome invoicing, long waiting times for drivers and inadequate waiting facilities, limited opening hours of BCPs and damage to cargoes due to inspection and liability,” a TLN spokesperson said.

TLN says it has raised these concerns with the UK Government, the media and industry organisations with a view to seeking collaborative solutions The impact extends beyond the fresh produce sector, with carriers experiencing financial losses due to surcharges imposed by British ports to recoup investments in BCPs, TLN said.

The association is closely monitoring the situation and working with stakeholders to find solutions, emphasising the importance of smooth imports for both Dutch exporters and British buyers and consumers. 

“The UK is an important buyer of floriculture and other fresh products…British buyers and consumers also benefit from the import of fresh products as smoothly as possible, because otherwise they would have to pay a much higher price for these products,” the TLN spokesperson added.