Ukraine: summer restrictions on truck traffic from 1 June

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Artur Lysionok

Artur Lysionok

Ukraine: summer restrictions on truck traffic from 1 June

The National Road Agency of Ukraine Ukrawtodor introduced traffic restrictions for heavy-duty vehicles with DMC exceeding 24 tons, and pressure on a single axis exceeding 7 tons. The ban will apply to all public roads, but only on those days when the air temperature exceeds 28°C.

The restrictions do not apply to vehicles carrying out

  • transport of dangerous goods (ADR),
  • transport of perishable products,
  • transport of live animals,
  • and to vehicles removing obstacles after road accidents.

Boards informing public and road signs on the restrictions will be placed on public roads. Summer traffic restrictions will be enforced by the Ukrainian Transport Safety Authority and the State Police.

Parking lots for trucks

For drivers made to stop by these regulations, the Ukrainian authorities allocated 900 parking spaces throughout the country. They are located near important facilities – gas stations, services, shops, etc.

>>> A list of 900 parking lots for trucks in Ukraine.

Interactive map of public roads in Ukraine

Bans for trucks

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