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One of the giants in the courier services market, UPS, is testing a new solution to deliver packages faster and more efficiently. As part of the trials, in two New York districts, couriers will deliver parcels to their customers’ homes in their absence.

Despite the incredible advances in technology, the biggest problem of courier companies is the fact that shipments are not delivered to the customer due to his absence at the address indicated. The American branch of UPS, known for its unusual ideas for process optimization decided to work out a solution that would make deliveries more efficient. The company’s employees, in two New York districts – Manhattan and Brooklyn – deliver packages to customers’ homes even when no one is in the apartment. They are assisted by special electronic devices that record the entire delivery process and all information related to it. They not only ensure the security and privacy of customers but also give UPS employees access to their homes.

The solution is tested by the company in apartments equipped with the mentioned equipment produced by the Latch brand. Not only the courier company saves time, but also a customer who does not have to wait longer for his parcel.

Amazon Key

An e-commerce tycoon, Amazon, came up with a similar idea last year. His couriers, as part of the revolutionary Amazon Key program, began delivering packages directly to their clients’ homes – also during their absence. How does Amazon Key work? This solution allows the courier to enter the empty apartment and leave the ordered parcel.

To enable the courier to enter the house, the customer needs to equip the apartment with a lock and a camera. Of course, both of these devices can be ordered on the Amazon for a minimum of 250 dollars. If no one is at home, the courier will scan a special code from the package, open the door and leave it at the doorstep.



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