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After almost three years of work, the Mobility Package was accepted by the EU authorities, and at the end of July it was also published in the Journal of Laws. This means that its first provisions enter into force in the EU on 20 August. What awaits the transport industry and what changes must we prepare for in the first place?

The Mobility Package will introduce changes in transport law concerning:

– the occupation of carrier and access to international markets,

– maximum daily and weekly driving time,

– minimum length of daily and weekly rest periods,

– legislation relating to tachographs,

– rules for posting drivers and carrying out roadside checks.

The changes will be implemented in stages. The first provisions will become applicable as early as 20 days after the publication of the adopted Directive, the next ones after 18 months, and the last ones in 2024. A detailed description of the changes and the deadlines for their implementation is available in the free e-guide for carriers.

Photo: MAN Trucks


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