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The controversial ban is to apply in Germany from 1 July this year. Using the CB radio without a hands-free car kit, that is holding the microphone in your hand, will no longer be permitted. Germany wants to introduce this legislation to increase the level of safety. As it turns out, it is possible that the ban will be delayed or changed. 

The Federal Association for Heavy Transport (BSK) has informed its members in a letter that the organisation sees a need for action in view of the anticipated difficulties arising from the planned ban. BSK wants permission to use the CB radio, provided that the driver is driving alone and the passenger cannot help him. 

They justify such an exception by the fact that there are not sufficient technical solutions on the market – there are no hands-free kits available for the CB radio. This should be decided by the individual federal states by 30 June 2020 at the latest.

BSK also emphasises that the problem is known to the federal states and, according to the organisation, their authorities have shown a desire to find a pragmatic solution. 

We will keep you up to date on further details. 

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