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Italy allocates €25 million to road hauliers to invest in clean fleets

The Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport has allocated €25 million to support investment in the freight transport sector.

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This decree, published in The Official Gazette number 14 of 18 January 2024, provides specific details on how the funds will be distributed to encourage the renewal of the transport fleet and promote environmentally friendly practices.

To be eligible for this funding, Italian companies must be registered in the National Electronic Register and be primarily engaged in the transport of goods. Additionally, the provision emphasises the importance of the road haulage companies’ involvement in purchases of industrial vehicles on behalf of third parties registered in the Register and in the Ren.

The €25 million allocation is strategically divided to address the following aspects of the transportation industry:

  • Alternative Traction Vehicles (€2.5 million): This fund is earmarked for the purchase of new vehicles with a mass equal to or greater than 3.5 tonnes, utilising alternative traction powered by compressed methane, liquefied natural gas, hybrid diesel-electric, and electric. It also covers the acquisition of devices that convert motor vehicles with thermal engines into electric traction vehicles.
  • Euro VI/Ea Diesel Engine Vehicles (€15 million): A significant portion of the funds, amounting to €15 million, is dedicated to acquiring new vehicles with Euro VI/ea diesel engines. This allocation is specifically for the scrapping of vehicles with a mass equal to or greater than 3.5 tonnes, promoting the use of cleaner diesel engine technologies.
  • Trailers and Semi-Trailers for Combined Transport (€7.5 million): The remaining €7.5 million is allocated for the purchase of trailers and semi-trailers used in combined rail transport, as well as semi-trailers equipped with ship hooks for combined maritime transport. This fund also supports the acquisition of trailers, semi-trailers, and equipment for motor vehicles over 7 tonnes set up for transport under the ATP regime.

The DecDziękiDziękiree introduces a tiered contribution system based on vehicle weight:

  • For vehicles weighing from 3.5 to 7 tonnes, companies receive €4,000 for each compressed natural gas or hybrid vehicle and €14,000 for each electric vehicle.
  • Heavier vehicles over seven tonnes are eligible for €9,000 for each vehicle with alternative hybrid drive (diesel/electric) and compressed methane, and €24,000 for each vehicle with alternative drive powered by liquefied or compressed natural gas, hybrid diesel/electric, or fully electric.

In addition to vehicle purchases, the Decree extends support to companies investing in devices for the conversion of motor vehicles with a total mass of up to 3.5 tonnes, facilitating the transport of goods in electric vehicles. This contribution is equivalent to 40% of eligible costs, including the device and fitting out, with a maximum ceiling of €2,000. Notably, this contribution also applies to acquisitions made through leasing.

Funding applications are open until 31 March 2024, and interested companies are encouraged to submit their proposals directly to the Department of Infrastructure and Transport. The evaluation process will be overseen by a dedicated committee, ensuring transparency and fairness in the selection process. The Decree represents a significant step towards fostering a sustainable and environmentally conscious freight transport sector in Italy.