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Logistics UK warns of potential food shortages due to unclear Post-Brexit border rules

Logistics UK has again urged the government to clarify post-Brexit border arrangements with the European Union to prevent disruptions to food imports.

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The concern comes ahead of the Easter weekend, a traditional time for Britons to travel to Europe, which could lead to traffic congestion and potentially impact the movement of goods.

Logistics UK is particularly concerned about the lack of clarity surrounding the new Border Target Operating Model, set to be implemented at the end of April. According to Nichola Mallon, Head of Trade at Logistics UK, businesses remain unclear on how the system will function and what import charges will be applied.

We are one month away from the introduction of physical checks on EU imports and government has still not told our members what import charges it will apply, Mallon said.

Adding to the concerns is the upcoming introduction of the EU Entry/Exit System at the Short Straits in October. Logistics UK worries that these combined factors, along with potential Easter travel delays, could lead to inefficiencies in processing perishable goods and ultimately, product shortages in supermarkets.

The British Retail Consortium estimates that around 30% of all food consumed in the UK comes from the EU, including nearly half of the fresh vegetables and the majority of fresh fruit. Delays at the border could significantly impact the availability of these goods.

Logistics UK is urging the government to provide clear information and support to ensure the smooth movement of goods across the UK-EU border and prevent disruptions to the food supply chain.