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Last year SIA AV Logistic (TransId: 337157) was in the Latvian Top 10 of the most active companies in the Trans.eu System in 2015. This year, this company received Trans.eu Certified Forwarder certificate as a reliable freight forwarder!

SIA AV Logistic company was established in 2006 and is offering a wide range of truck deliveries and forwarding services. Last month we, Trans.eu System, were visiting some of our clients in Latvia and of course, our colleague Denisas Kalužinas passed the TCF certificate to the AV Logistic team!

– is a unique program of the certification of work quality and payment habits of forwarders. To get the certificate it is necessary to fulfill the strict requirements of business activity, experience on the market, outstanding opinions from previous counterparties, stable financial results and more.

SIA AV Logistic is working with Trans.eu System from the year 2010. In Trans.eu this Latvian freight forwarder is already positively rated by 374 different companies! AV Logistic team members are really active in Trans.eu freight exchange. Although, there are only 5 managers working with Trans.eu System, they make about 880 transactions per year!

AV Logistic mainly works in PL-LV-PL directions. Not so long ago they have started to provide express shipping services. Thanks to their partners goods can be shipped even from Italy to the warehouse in Poland PL05870 overnight and then delivered to Riga by morning.

We are known in Riga as express delivery company, it takes maximum 2 days to deliver partial loads from any city from Poland to Riga – Vitaly Borovik, SIA AV Logistic director


As Vitaly says, they have chosen this direction after market analysis: they have checked the most popular directions from and to Latvia, the shortest time of delivery etc. After that, SIA AV Logistic team realized, that Poland – Latvia directions suits them the most. Even if there are any delays in the shipment it takes no longer than one day to deliver the load. For example, if there are some problems with shipping from Italy, customers may wait for their load even for a week. In the case of Poland, there are no such problems.

„We have lots of interesting situations and stories in our work, but my favorite is, that thanks to work in transport sector I have met my future wife” – says Vitaly with a smile on his face.

As we have a young and energetic team, we have superb mood and relations in our company. We even had two cats in our office! We also like to spend time together playing the popular game “Mafia”.


Trans.eu System is a very helpful platform for us. We mainly work with polish carriers from different countries. So with Trans.eu – we give work to them, and they give work for us. As you can see, we are really active in Trans.eu System and the TCF certificate confirms that we are reliable partners to work with! This certificate raised our image in the market and Trans.eu System itself, lots of carriers have already congratulated us with this achievement. – Vitaly Borovik,

You can submit the application for the certificate for your company here: Trans.eu Certified Forwarder


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