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To shift cargo from road to sea, Spain launches €20 million incentive

The Spanish Ministry of Transport has launched its third round of eco-incentives, offering €20 million to entice freight companies onto the sea, reports local media. This initiative aims to shift traffic from congested roads to cleaner maritime routes, slashing emissions and boosting efficiency.

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Starting January 8th, 2024, shipping companies can compete to become „collaborating entities,” partnering with the Ministry to administer these subsidies. Eligible services must offer regular connections between Spanish ports and those in other EU countries, ensuring at least two weekly sailings (with exceptions considered).

Crucially, these routes must have corresponding road alternatives, allowing seamless integration with existing land-based logistics chains.

Subsidies will be directly linked to environmental performance, rewarding ships with lower emissions per cargo unit. Factors like capacity, average occupancy, fuel type, emission reduction systems, and even in-port emissions will be weighed in the balance.

The €20 million pot represents the third tranche of a €60 million program, spread across three years. Estimates suggest the scheme could incentivize the transfer of up to 100,000 truckloads to seafaring vessels, delivering a tangible environmental gain.