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Truck bans in Europe on January 5th and 6th

The 5th and 6th of January will see truck bans in force in a number of European countries on account of public holidays.

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The bans are as follows:

January 5th

Croatia – applies from 15.00 to 23.00. The restriction regards trucks and combinations with a DMC above 7.5 t, plus trucks and vehicles with trailers exceeding 14 m in length. 

January 6th

Austria – from 0.01 to 22.00. The ban applies to trucks and trailers with a GVW of more than 3.5 tons, as well as trucks, articulated vehicles or self-propelled industrial machines with a GVW of more than 7.5 tons.

Croatia – as on the 5th of January. Ban in force from 14.00 to 23.00.

Liechtenstein – from 0:01 to 23.59. The restrictions apply to heavy goods vehicles with a DMC over 3.5 t, as well as sets with a DMC over 5 t. 

Slovakia – a full ban was due to be in force. However, the Slovak authorities have implemented a relaxation of the ban. As a result, the ban does not apply to trucks traveling on motorways, class I and international roads that enter Slovakia from neighboring countries and are due to unload in Slovakia itself.

Italy – the ban is in force from 09.00 until 22.00. It concerns trucks and combinations with a GVW of over 7.5 t.