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Beware! Thieves have a new method to steal cargo, even from protected parking lots

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There are no limits to the ingenuity of thieves. They are no longer deterred even by monitoring, fencing or barriers at the entrance to a parking lot. One driver who stopped at a parking lot on the A2 motorway in Germany recently learned this the hard way.

While the trucker was sleeping in the cabin, in the parking lot near Lippetal, during the night on 1st April, the thieves robbed the cargo from his truck. The perpetrators were the so-called tarpaulin rippers, who took from the truck Sonos amplifiers worth a total of EUR 100,000.

Such information wouldn’t be surprising if it wasn’t for the fact that it happened in a monitored parking lot – with cameras, a fence and a barrier at the entrance. These solutions have been implemented recently. They were supposed to improve the security of the facility, but thieves managed to find a way.

But how is it possible that they robbed a truck in a fenced parking lot with a guarded entrance? The rippers came to the parking lot in a truck and a delivery truck. When they captured the loot, they disappeared in the same way without raising any particular suspicions. The local police are still looking for the perpetrators and potential witnesses are welcome to contact them (+49 02921/91000).

Photo: Pixabay