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To catch thieves, policemen pretended to be truckers. That’s how they saved trucks from robbery

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Three policemen from India pretended to be truck drivers in order to catch thieves in a local car park. Officers from Kumaraswamy Layout (state of Karnataka) waited for several days for bandits who had been robbing trucks for a long time.

The police decided to take this step after the murder that occurred in early November in a parking lot near Ring Road in southern India. A 44-year-old trucker was killed then, and loads were stolen from numerous trucks, according to The New Indian Express. Local police decided to act undercover.

Three officers (including the deputy commander of the police) were delegated. For several days they pretended to be truckers and waited for thieves in specially rented lorries. From a short distance, a group of policemen observed the whole scene ready to help their colleagues if needed.

After a few days, the thieves showed up at the parking lot and started to circle around the „bait truck”. The policemen immediately arrested the thieves with the help of additional support group. Interestingly, the thieves insisted that they were drivers and did not want to do anything bad.

The truckers’ testimonies helped. The thieves finally pleaded guilty and admitted that they were only choosing trucks with foreign registration plates. As later explained to the officers – drivers from abroad report such situations to the police less frequently, fearing that they simply will not make it on time with the delivery of cargo.

Editor’s comment

It is sad that truck drivers must experience such unpleasant and dangerous situations as cargo theft and the widespread destruction of tarpaulins. Such situations occur in many European car parks, including in Germany. The police seem to be powerless and thieves go unpunished. If other methods fail, maybe European policemen should copy the methods of their Indian colleagues. Maybe it will also work on the European soil? What do you think?

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