Photo: I99pema, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Circle K to open 5 new rest areas for HGV drivers in Sweden

Circle K is launching specially adapted rest areas at five stations along some of the most common routes for long journeys in Sweden, namely Järna, Mantorp, Spillepengen, Varberg Nord and Snapparp Östra.

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In total, there are almost 80 spaces available at these facilities. Short-term parking is free and the price of parking for one day is SEK 100 (around 10 euros). There is also the possibility of a discount for member customers. Toilets and showers at the sites are available free of charge.

Regina Svensson, Senior Key Account Manager Digital Sales at Circle K, said the 5 new sites came about after collaboration with Sveriges Åkeriföretag, the country’s haulage association:

“Through our collaboration with Sveriges Åkeriföretag, we have heard from our sales staff and stations that the need for safe parking is increasing. We saw the opportunity to make it easier for the riders to take a much-needed break and at the same time take advantage of what our stations have to offer. The result is this concept that we believe will make it even more worthwhile to stay with us.”

Last spring, Sveriges Åkeriföretag and the Swedish Transport Administration conducted a survey on the need for rest areas. Over 80% said that the need for increased accessibility to rest areas was clear.

Rickard Gegö, CEO of Sveriges Åkeriföretag, has praised Circle K’s initiative:

“Safe rest areas are a priority issue for us as our members often raise the need for safe and good places to stop, therefore we welcome this initiative from Circle K. To be able to rest, use a shower, get a meal and all at the same place makes things significantly easier for many drivers. A stop at an orderly rest area is also a safe alternative compared to stopping along the road.”

Photo: I99pema, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons