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Double trailer truck combinations to be tested in Denmark from January

The Danish Transport Authority has announced the testing of double-trailer truck combinations, known as EMS2, on selected road sections in Denmark. The decision, which comes into force on January 1, 2024, comes as a result of amendments to Section 70a of the Road Traffic Act, enabling the coupling of multiple trailers in a double-trailer truck combination.

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An EMS2 truck combination comprises a truck with two semi-trailers, with the rear semi-trailer connected to the front semi-trailer through a dolly.

The key objective behind this initiative is to allow companies to maximize their existing equipment, reducing the need for substantial investments to participate in the trial scheme.

To meet the technical requirements of the trial scheme, the Danish Transport Authority has introduced a new executive order, outlining specifications related to the interior, equipment, reading, weight, dimensions, and view of the vehicles. These regulations are detailed in Act No. 1570 of December 12, 2023, titled “Experiment with double-trailer vehicle combinations.”

Under the new rules, double-trailer truck combinations are permitted to have a maximum length of 34.00 meters and a weight of up to 72 tons. This regulation enables companies to transport two semi-trailers with just one lorry, potentially leading to more efficient and sustainable transportation practices.

The executive order further stipulates various technical aspects, including requirements for Electronic Stability Control (ESC), visibility, brakes, engine power, bodywork, construction, and coupling devices. Notably, all vehicles in a double-trailer lorry sets must be equipped with Anti-lock Brakes (ABS) and Electronic Brake System (EBS), ensuring safety during operations.

In terms of length, a double-trailer HGV combination must not exceed 32.00 meters, with exceptions for those drawn by lorries using alternative propellants, zero-emission technology, or equipped with approved aerodynamic devices or extended aerodynamic cabs, allowing for a maximum length of 34.00 meters.

To ensure compliance, the executive order mandates that relevant documentation, including the registration certificates for each vehicle and any other required records, must be carried during travel and presented to authorities upon request.

However, violations of the specified regulations could result in fines, as outlined in Section 25 of the order. The enforcement of these rules aims to maintain safety standards and adherence to the trial scheme’s parameters.