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Where’s the coffee? Where is hummus? And where’s my favourite coke? There is none. And there will be none if we close borders, become closed to diversity, other nations. If racism and xenophobia win. Then we will find only a few products on the shelves – that is the message of the German supermarket. We’ll add that closing the market to transport services via minimum wages, delegation directives and several other „clerical inventions” will make the shelves completely empty…

What is this campaign about?

Customers doing weekend shopping in one of Hamburg Edeka supermarkets didn’t find any of their favourite products on the shelves. Shop shelves were empty. The shop had only a few German products.

Instead, the supermarket had signs like „This shelf is pretty boring without diversity”, „The shelves are so empty without foreigners”, „We would be poorer without the diversity”.

Editorial team comments:

The message of the campaign is clear, transparent and, according to our opinion, right. We will add something from us about transport. Numerous activities tailored to the populist political needs which limit the fundamental principles of the EU: free movement of goods and services, such as minimum wage or proposed changes in the directive on delegating employees (mainly championed by France and President Macron) can lead to two scenarios.

1 – Shelves are completely empty because there is no one to transport goods as the market is closed for thousands of Eastern European carriers who right now constitute a third of transports in Germany or France. They do it because they are good at it and… because Germany and France order these services. Because they like them? No. Because they need them.

2 – Shelves may be full but dusty because their prices will rise so drastically that less and less people will be able to afford goods. Why? Hard rules of economy – protectionism (and the introduction of the minimum wage, directives, etc. are nothing more than protectionism) hurts mainly citizens of the country that introduces it. If there is no competition (cheaper carriers from the east) a Frenchman will be transporting goods. Certainly, but at what price? This higher transport price will affect the prices of the products in the stores.

It is a bad move. We already had socialism. The shelves had only vinegar back then…


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