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This week’s guest on the Alcott Global Leaders in Supply Chain and Logistics Podcast is Susan Johnson, the Executive Vice President of Global Connections & Supply Chain for AT&T.

In this capacity, she is responsible for AT&T’s international & domestic strategy and partnership development for network connections. She also leads Supply Chain functions within AT&T Communications supporting the Entertainment Group, Business Services, and Technology and Operations. Her team manages strategic sourcing, purchasing, supplier diversity, sustainability, and supply chain logistics. Jointly, her organization is responsible for a spend portfolio of over $70B that covers all of AT&T’s network and goods & services, domestically & internationally.

Ms. Johnson began working for AT&T in Corporate Development and over her 20-year career has served in a variety of positions within the AT&T portfolio of companies.


During this week’s show:

  • Susan looks back on her own career and how the many jobs in banking, finance, investor relations, strategy helped her in her supply chain role
  • We learn about challenges with chip shortages and how is AT&T tackling it
  • Why a big challenge across the chain is a lack of trust between the different parties, and what can be done to address it
  • How to achieve to supplier diversity


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