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Amazon partners with European carriers to optimize rail and sea routes for faster deliveries and lower carbon emissions

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Amazon has recently revealed a partnership with several European carriers, designed to enhance product transportation using over 100 rail lanes and more than 300 sea routes.

This collaborative effort aims to expedite customer deliveries and inventory transfers while significantly reducing carbon emissions by nearly 50%. The distinct geographical layout and infrastructure of Europe make rail and sea routes more efficient and, in some cases, faster for goods transportation.

Amazon has been actively expanding its utilization of these routes, witnessing a 50% growth in the use of rail and sea transportation in 2023 alone.

With a focus on independent sellers, comprising 60% of total paid units on Amazon, the initiative targets small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) seeking to reach customers both domestically and internationally.

The strategy involves analyzing frequently ordered items in each location to strategically position products closer to customers, utilizing sea and rail routes to facilitate seamless movement between Amazon facilities.