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American Democrats have proposed to pay an allowance of $25,000 to workers in the industries ‘on the front line’ in the fight against the coronavirus. This includes medical personnel and truck drivers.

The Democratic Party, headed by Senator Chuck Shumer, presented a draft called Heroes Fund, which provides allowances of $25,000 for truck drivers, medical personnel, market workers and pharmacists working during the coronavirus pandemic. According to the Democrats, these people are at greater risk of infection by carrying out the duties that are currently fundamental to the existence of society. According to Chuck Schumer, they can be called heroes, hence the name of the draft regulations – Heroes Fund.

As the COVID-19 pandemic has reached alarming new levels, our health care system is strained to the max, our economy is strained to the max. Doctors and nurses, medical personnel of all types are putting their lives on the line every single day to fight this disease and save others. And so are people not in the medical profession but in essential services: grocery store workers, truck drivers, drug store workers and pharmacists. For these Americans, working from home is not an option. Social distancing is not an option,” said Chuck Schumer.

An allowance for those whose annual salary does not exceed $200,000 would be $25,000. Those who earn over $200,000 a year would get a bonus of $5,000. The draft has yet to be approved by Congress.

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