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This story undoubtedly touches the heart. 87-year-old retired Robert Blocksom decided to work as a truck driver. All this to be able to make enough money to pay his wife’s cancer treatment.

The disease appeared unexpectedly in the marriage of Robert and Jelaine Blocksom. Both have long been retired. The couple needed more and more money for medical expenses. There was even a situation in which they decided to sell their home. This was the moment when Robert decided to act. He wanted to find a job. However, not just any. He decided to become a truck driver.


„I believe I can do it right”

Why did the 87-year-old choose this job?

I always loved to drive, so I thought it would be a good way to make money. I think it will be the best solution,” he replies in an interview with News 5 Cleveland.

Robert surprised everyone with his serious approach to the matter. The man decided to start the course for professional drivers. The 87-year-old must pass the driving test. Only then will he be able to work as a trucker. However, he is positively oriented to this.

I believe I can do it very well. It will be a nice challenge and a lot of fun!” sums up his decision in an interview with News 5 Cleveland.

Robert emphasizes that he is not interested in long routes. Because of his wife’s illness, he would like to work close to home. It’s best on weekends to be able to look after Jelaine during the week.

Everyone can help

The unusual story of Robert and his wife has not gone unnoticed. People immediately began to organize a fundraiser for Jelaine’s treatment. So far, they managed to collect over 26 thousand dollars! Anyone willing can help them with a symbolic amount.

Photo: Flickr/CC BY 2.0/Seabamirum


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