Austria and Germany relax, Poland prolongs border controls

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Austria and Germany relax, Poland prolongs border controls

Austria has announced the opening of borders with Germany, therefore, drivers can expect some relaxation of control at the Austrian-German border crossings. Germany will no longer control the border with Luxembourg and plans to further ease the restrictions. Poland, on the other hand, has prolonged border controls for another month.

The end of controls on the Austrian-German border is slowly approaching – according to the announcement by Sebastian Kurz, Austrian Chancellor. The first step to easing restrictions introduced due to the coronavirus pandemic is to loosen border controls. The opening of the border with Germany can already be expected on 15 June – reports the Austrian news agency APA. The Austrian Chancellor is to discuss further steps with the German Chancellor Angela Merkel. 

As announced by the Federal Chancellery in Vienna, Austria is also striving to relax border controls with other neighbouring countries. We already know that the Swiss border will be the second after the German. We will keep you updated on further details.

Germany is gradually eliminating border controls 

Horst Seehofer, the German interior minister, agreed with his counterparts in France, Switzerland and Austria to extend border controls with these countries until 15 June. However, the German Ministry of the Interior announces that all border crossings with France, Switzerland and Austria will be gradually opened. Checks, as in the case of Austria, are to be carried out randomly there. The complete relaxation of border controls, however, as Seehofer points out, will depend on how the coronavirus pandemic situation changes. If it maintains its current level, the borders will be opened.

Until now, crossing borders was only allowed for commuters, for the transport of goods and for legitimate reasons – for example, EU citizens who are on their way to their country. From Saturday, you can also expect more loosening – exceptions will be extended to other groups such as farmers and foresters.

Importantly, from 15 May, the German border with Luxembourg will be opened. Germany is ready to halt controls also at the borders with Denmark, as soon as the government there consults with neighbouring countries. 

In addition, the German government wants to lift the requirement of a two-week quarantine for persons entering the country.

 We recommend stopping quarantine for domestic travel in Europe, „said Seehofer at yesterday’s press conference. „However, we do not want to lift the quarantine for travellers from third countries,” added the head of the interior ministry. Probably the obligation will still be maintained for those travelling from Italy and Spain.

Poland prolongs border controls

Poland’s border controls have been extended for another month.

The controls on the Polish borders extended at the end of April were to expire yesterday. According to the Ministry of Interior and Administration, border crossings with Germany, Lithuania, the Czech Republic and Slovakia will be controlled for another 30 days, i.e. until 12 June. 

Checks will continue to be carried out at seaports and airports, too. Restrictions on the entry of foreigners into Poland also apply. 

As emphasized by the ministry, borders can still be crossed only at border crossing points designated by the government. 

Therefore, road transport can take place:

The border with the Czech Republic

  • through the following crossings: Cieszyn – Chotĕbuz, Gorzyczki, Nowe Chałupki, Kudowa Słone, Trzebina, Jakuszyce, Gołkowice, Głuchołazy, Lubawka (although here, as GDDKiA reports, tonnage restrictions apply for vehicles over 9 t dmc).

The border with Germany

  • through road crossings: Jędrzychowice, Olszyna – Forst, Świecko – Frankfurt, Krajnik Dolny – Schwedt, Kołbaskowo – Pomellen, Słubice – Frankfurt (Oder), Kostrzyn nad Odra – Kietz and Zgorzelec.

The border with Lithuania

Border with Slovakia

  • through the passage: Barwinek, Chyżne.


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