Belgian TMS operator SupplyStack partners with project44

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Belgian TMS operator SupplyStack partners with project44

Belgian cloud-based TMS operator Supply Stack has announced a new partnership with renowned supply chain visibility experts project44.

Headquartered in Antwerp, SupplyStack says its modern Transportation Management apps are “shaking up the TMS industry,” giving shippers of all sizes the opportunity to truly redefine the way they manage transportation.

Among the big names using the company’s services are Sony, Umicore, DHL, Duracell, and Atlas Copco.

In a statement, Nick Poels, CEO of SupplyStack, said the partnership perfectly complements the company’s “full circle TMS+ Control Tower”.

We are excited with this partnership as it perfectly complements our full circle TMS+ Control Tower. Our solution combines classic transportation management functionality with a Transportation Control Tower which makes us uniquely positioned to offer shippers an end-to-end solution for managing transportation, covering everything from sourcing to settlement, with a strong focus on monitoring, automation, and collaboration.

Poels added that partnership will expand into other areas beyond the TMS+ integration to provide actionable visibility across the supply chain:

We’re both really looking forward to this partnership, and believe we’re only at the beginning of the journey. There is so much potential in adding visibility and context to jobs already being done today: warehouse managers who want to anticipate on trucks running late, customer service who’d love to contact customers proactively to give them a heads up when shipments are delayed or transport planners rescheduling a shipment because the carrier canceled last minute.

Vernon O’Donnell, Chief Product and Services Officer of project44, said the deal will provide “all stakeholders with the data needed to take action.”

The announcement from project44 comes just 24 hours after the launch of its new Port Intel service.

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