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In the coming days, the Rhine bridge on the A40 motorway will be closed.

Due to renovations today at 10 am, the bridge over the A40 near Duisburg was closed. Specifically, the carriageway in the direction towards Essen. The section between Rheinhausen and the Duisburg-Häfen exit will only open on Monday at 5 am.

The new bridge will be ready in 2026

Renovation works have been carried out on the bridge since last year. The bridge located on a very busy route between the Ruhr Area and the Netherlands was built in 1970. It is 777 m long and was designed for a maximum of 30 thousand vehicles a day. Meanwhile, around 100 thousand vehicles cross the bridge on a daily basis, including approx. 11 thousand trucks. Such a high volume of traffic has a negative impact on the construction.

The new bridge, as the German government informs, will be ready at the earliest in 2026.

Photo: Wikimedia/Tuxyso CCA-SA 3.0



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