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Police in Europe are reaching for more effective methods of combating road pirates. The Czechs use special fieldscopes to catch drivers before they even realize they are being watched. Now the British police are also equipped with a speed camera that can detect offenses from a distance of one kilometer.

The new speed camera, which has recently been acquired by the British police, is nicknamed the Long Ranger.  It allows measuring the speed of a vehicle from a very long distance and will be used during a pilot project called Operation Indemnis.

The device purchased by the British police differs slightly from the usual speed cameras. In addition to measuring the speed, the Long Ranger will take a digital photo in high quality. Both the number plate and the face of the driver will be clearly visible.

The officers who perform the inspections can also count on a very good quality of the displayed image. Thanks to this, the police can observe the behavior of drivers without any obstacles. Using new equipment to control, police officers are able to determine if the driver breaks the rules, for example by using a mobile phone while driving or by tailgating.

Tested in practice

The camera was used for the first time as part of Operation Operation Indemnis, during which the police controlled the speed on the A417 and A419 roads, the main routes connecting Gloucestershire and Wiltshire and on the M4 and M5 motorways.

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