The French labor inspectorate has recently started intensive road inspections to check if the drivers comply with the French regulation on working hours and an individual inspection book for road transport of goods from 20 July 1998.

According to the new guidelines, also drivers of vehicles up to 3.5 t. with „foreign license plates” are required to register their time of work and rest when traveling in France, i.e. from the moment you enter its territory until you leave. Records of working time and rest periods of the driver should be recorded in a document specifically created for this purpose. It is an Individual Control Book (Livret individuel de contrôle) or another document that would include this data.

The Individual Control Book (LIC) contains:

– cover;

– numbered daily sheets (numbering continuity),

– instructions for using the book,

– example of a completed daily sheet.

The Individual Control Book is a print of strict accountancy.

It should be remembered that being in France, the driver must systematically fill in the Individual Control Book, have it in the vehicle and show it at the request of the French services during the inspection.

A penalty of 135 euro will be imposed in France in case of the lack of an Individual Control Book or other document confirming the van driver’s working time. This amount, however, can be reduced to 90 euros, and the maximum fine can be up to 750 euros.

We provide you with an individual control booklet and an information brochure on how to conduct it.

Photo: Bartosz Wawryszuk



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