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Driving on a magnet or a notice – such a choice was given to the drivers by the owners of a transport company from Italy. Now they will finally be held responsible for making drivers engage in illegal practices. A sentence was passed in a trial that lasted more than 10 years.

A few days ago, the president and board member of the Italian transport company heard the verdict. The Caltanissetta court in Sicily sentenced Italians to 8 years and 4 months and 7 years and 6 months in prison, respectively. In addition, each of them received a fine of €2,500.

Although the judge accepted almost entirely the prosecutor’s request, he did not find the president of the company guilty of serious injuries sustained by a driver in a 2008 accident in France.

The accident happened because the trucker was overworked. He worked after exceeding the daily working hours, which was possible with the use of magnets. The magnets were installed in accordance with the instructions of the employers. At that time, the first lawsuit against the owners of the company was brought to court. Soon more lawsuits were filed.

The investigation showed that drivers regularly drove at least 10 hours without the statutory breaks. During the operation, the police found 4 magnets in the pocket of one of the drivers.

However, the representative of the carriers demanded an acquittal, pointing out that the drivers themselves had committed manipulation.

The history of the Italian company shows that illegal practices which, as a result, threaten the safety of workers and other road users should be and are punished very severely. It’s just a pity that sometimes the truth about manipulation comes to light only when an accident occurs. This happened in the case of an American trucker who, in a similar case, won multi-million dollar compensation from his employer.

Photo: Trans.INFO


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