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The consortium of CzechToll belonging to the PPF group and SkyToll signed a contract with the Czech Ministry of Transport for the construction of a satellite road toll system. This is the first step to implementing the European Electronic Toll Service (EETS).

The contract, worth over 494 million dollars, assumes that the toll system will be in the hands of the consortium for 10 years and will start operating from 1 January 2020. CzechToll is to be responsible for the operation of the system within the consortium. In turn, SkyToll will be responsible for the structural and technical aspects of the functioning of the system.

The system assumes the use of a modern hybrid On-Board Unit (OBU) for toll payment. They would allow the integration of GNSS technologies, i.e. a satellite navigation system and DSRC (short and medium range wireless communication system). Such a solution would allow the use of the OBU in the neighbouring countries, but at the same time meet the requirements of EETS.

The new system would benefit from the existing infrastructure. Unfortunately, currently used On-Board Units will not be compatible with the new system.

The Czech toll collection system applies to vehicles and buses with a GVW above 3.5 tonnes. Toll charges are electronically debited via the so-called Premid-Box (OBU) and depend on the distance travelled.

Photo: Ministerstvo Dopravy


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