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Figures updated today by the UK’s Department for Transport reveal that just 0.1% of all EU-bound lorry drivers being tested for Covid-19 actually have the virus.

The updated figures show the weekly totals and positivity rate over a five week period between February 3rd and March 10th. The data relates to all the tests conducted at Manston and other advice sites with HGV testing points.

As the table below illustrates, the weekly positivity rate for each and every week has been just 0.1%.

Week ending Totals weekly testing Running total Weekly positivity rate
10/02/2021 36037 206002 0.1%
17/02/2021 36562 242564 0.1%
24/02/2021 36421 278985 0.1%
03/03/2021 30712 309697 0.1%
10/03/2021 29332 339029 0.1%

The table also shows how the number of weekly tests has come down since France relaxed its testing requirement for truckers who spend less than 48 hours in the UK. The Netherlands have since followed France in introducing a similar relaxation.

The positivity rates are even lower than those reported in the Sadobre checkpoint in Tyrol last week, where 0.18% of HGV drivers tested were found to have coronavirus.

Photo credit: UK Department for Transport


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