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The Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate in the Netherlands has fined two road transport companies over €10,000 for tachograph manipulation.

On Wednesday, during routine checks at the A1 near Dinkelland, one truck’s tachograph was found to have been manipulated. As a consequence, the haulier was fined €10,376 and ordered to install a new tachograph at its own expense. The driver was also banned from driving for 45 hours.

A day later, at the A1 A1 near De Lutte, it was a similar story. On this occasion, the haulier was fined the same amount and ordered to install a new tachograph. Again, the driver was banned from driving for a 45 hour period. However, as the trucker was “caught red handed” manipulating the tachograph, he was also fined €1,500.

Photo credit: Inspecteur Wegvervoer


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