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Two Dutch companies are testing an interesting system. Thanks to a special technology connecting trucks with traffic lights, drivers do not have to wait at crossings for the green light. This smart system brings huge savings and allows reducing CO2 emissions.

Since the beginning of last year, two Dutch transport companies – Vos Transport and Gist Nederland – have been testing a new technology to improve truck traffic. It is an intelligent iVRI motion control installation. The first company currently uses 5 such installations in the city where it is based, i.e. in Deventer and its vicinity. Thanks to them, at 5 intersections equipped with iVRI, the carrier’s trucks almost never have to wait for the green light, because they are connected with the signalling – reports the Dutch transport portal 

In the near future, the company wants to transform the remaining 55 motion control (VRI) installations into intelligent systems. According to the head of Roy van Versevelda,  250 trucks are avoiding the two „stops” day by day, Ivri could save approx. 194.5 thousand euros per year and reduce CO2 emissions by over 344.5 tonnes. The savings for 500 trucks that would have avoided standing at the traffic lights five times a day for 262 business days would have been even greater. They would amount to 973.1 thousand euros and 1722 tonnes of CO2. 

Similar tests have been carried out by the transport company Gist Nederland from Bleiswijk in the southern Netherlands. According to the carrier, iVRI reduces fuel consumption by 6.1 percent and drivers need to brake 16.2 percent fewer times, which translates into less wear on the brake pads and tires.

Earlier tests

Even before the tests of Dutch carriers, intelligent lights were installed in the Helmond region on the connection with Deurneseweg on the A67 and on the N279 route in Veghel (South Holland), from the business park in De Amert to the Rembrantlaan intersection.

The system tests carried out at the time showed that thanks to intelligent signalling during rush hour, the smooth crossing of trucks increased by as much as 10 percent – according to data provided by the portal In addition, off-peak truck traffic also improved – here tests showed a 17% increase.

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