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The Dutch Association of Freight Carriers (TLN) appeals to mobile phone and truck manufacturers to prevent drivers from using mobile apps while driving. According to TLN, such a prohibition is necessary to improve road safety.

Using the phone apps behind the wheel of a moving truck whould not be allowed. Only navigation and making calls in hands-free mode should be possible,” says Arthur Van Dijk, chairman of TLN.

Van Dijk also believes that the installation of devices that would prevent the use of the mobile apps is the responsibility of carriers who are responsible for their vehicles and for their drivers, reports Belgian industry portal, According to the TLN chairman, truckers should be informed about the risks of distraction when driving.

Drivers should be informed and given the appropriate tools. SafeDrivePod is a small device installed in the vehicle, which allows making phone calls and navigation only in the hands-free mode. Carriers should also draw consequences for employees who still use the phone apps while driving – adds Van Dijk.

TLN believes that as long as all trucks and telephones are not equipped with technologies that prevent applications from being run while driving, harsher penalties should keep drivers away from their cell phones behind the wheel. At a speed of 90 km/h, taking the eyes off the road for two seconds causes us to go blindly as much as 50 meters.

In the Netherlands, you can use the phone while driving, provided the device is in the holder and not in the driver’s hand.

No use of the phone in Europe

The imposition of penalties on drivers who break the ban on telephone conversations while driving is increasingly common practice in European countries. In France, drivers have to reckon with the fines of 135 euros and 3 penalty points. The penalty is imposed on persons who use the telephone not only while driving but also at a standstill. Regulations also prohibit the use of headphones and their wireless equivalents.

On the other hand, in Germany, in October 2017, the regulations were tightened and the fines were increased. Using the mobile phone while driving is punished with a fine of 100 euros, i.e. 40 euros more than before. The regulations also apply to the use of tablets, laptops and e-book readers.

In Sweden, however, to increase road safety, the government decided to ban the use of mobile phones completely. The exception is the use of the hands-free system. The penalty for breaking the provision is 1.6 thousand Swedish crowns or about 150 euro.

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