Extra traffic ban in Spain. It applies on Sunday

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Extra traffic ban in Spain. It applies on Sunday

A new restriction came into force in Spain on 23 August, imposed by DGT on trucks over 7.5 tonnes. It covers the AP1 motorway and roads A1 and N1 towards the Basque Country and Irún. The ban will apply on next Sunday (30 August), too. 

On these days, trucks are not able to continue their route from 16:00 to 21:00 on the N1, A1 and AP1 roads near Burgos towards the Basque Country and the border with France in Irún:

  • AP1: from its start in Burgos-Castañares to 77 km in Miranda de Ebro,
  • A1: from 242 km at Burgos-Castañares to 249 km in Rubena,
  • N1: from Rubena to 336 km in Treviño.

The new restriction on AP1, A1 and N1 is to apply every summer (on the last three Sundays of August) and some Sundays that are public holidays, informs the Spanish Federation of Transport Associations Fenadismer.

The ban is intended to prevent the increase in truck traffic on AP1 resulting from the abolition of tolls on this motorway in 2019 that would disrupt passenger vehicle traffic during the holiday season.

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