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Finland’s Transport and Communications authority announced on Thursday that it would not be applying certain exemptions to EU rules on road transport, including periodic tachograph checks.

Due to the difficulties presented by coronavirus, the European Union has recently implemented a number of temporary exemptions in the field of road transport. This relates to drivers’ hours rules and the validity of road transport certificates among other things.

However, on Thursday Finland notified the Commission that it would not apply the following derogations nationally:

– validity of driving licences

– periodic checks of the tachograph and renewal of driver cards

– periodic roadworthiness testing

– Community licences for goods transport

– driver attestations

– licences for international passenger services

Finland’s Transport and Communications authority said it had made the decision on safety grounds:

The long-term application of road transport derogations would have negative effects, e.g. on traffic safety. On the other hand, based on assessments by authorities and the round for comments, there have been no such difficulties in renewing driving licences and road transport licences that would justify the need for derogations.

You can read the full statement on the matter here.


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