First ever direct China-Scotland container charter service halves transit times

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The first-ever direct container shipping link between China and Scotland is going to be launched next month by KC Group Shipping.  The express freight route will reduce transit times by almost half.

First ever direct China-Scotland container charter service halves transit times
Photo credits @ KC Group Shipping

KC Group Shipping has launched its exclusive China Xpress freight route, which will reduce transit times by almost half and will carry up to 1600 shipping containers from Chinese ports direct to Greenock, with no transshipment. The service aims to cut the journey time from approximately 60 days to an estimated 33 days by eliminating unscheduled port congestion delays in Rotterdam.

The same volume of containers will be shipped in return from Greenock to China.

It will address the supply chain disruption caused by the global pandemic and war in Ukraine and enable cargo delivery to and from the UK for importers and exporters.

The sailings, which will be between the ports of Ningbo and Dongguan (Shenzhen) to Liverpool and Greenock, will occur three times a month with a 10-day port rotation.

The maiden voyage has departed Ningbo, China, and is set to arrive at Greenock Port, Scotland, around August 20.

The service will provide a huge exporting boost for the food and drink sector, including many prestigious Scottish whisky brands. The oil and gas sector will be helped too by sales of machinery and pipes from Scotland.  

As China plays a significant role in the global furniture and textiles supply chains, those industries and end consumers within Scotland will also welcome this new service.

“This is a game changer, not just for KC Group Shipping, but for the whole of Scotland,” said KC Group Shipping Managing Director David Milne. “The opportunities and benefits are endless, and this trade link could not have come at a better time for Scottish businesses.”

Milne explains that the delays at European ports have been hampering business operations and relationships for many.

“This was before the recent problems of the pandemic and the war in Ukraine escalated the issue. These frustrations will significantly reduce as a result of the China Xpress service,” – he adds.

Businesses can still get on board before our August maiden departure from Greenock, with some container space availability.

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